What is Slow Fashion

slow fashion, økologisk tøj


Have you heard about the fashion concept called slow fashion?

Slow fashion is not a trend and have been a thing for quite some time now. Your grandparents probably follow the lines of slow fashion – in fact most of us do! Do you ever find yourself buying the same kind of t-shirt over and over, the same jeans and jackets? Well it’s probably because you know what you like, and have your own individual style. Slow fashion celebrates the individual style and encourages you to choose quality over quantity. In that way you don’t end up with 15 different black t-shirts, but will instead have a basic capsule wardrobe that you can wear all year around. The styles you choose to have in your wardrobe, would be the ones you like the best and things you don’t get tired of! And this would make you a very conscious consumer.

We love slow fashion on Lendemain Organic, and therefore always make sure that our products are quality products that you can have for a long time!

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