Lendemain Organic is your online store where ethical responsible designers have been preselected in order to let sustainability and fashion go hand in hand. We are a part of a new movement, aiming towards a green future. Our goal is a change in the fashion industry, a change where each item is produced with respect towards humans, animals and our planet. Therefore, we exclusively collaborate with designers and brands who has taken a serious ethical approach to their field. Together we are a part of a reinvention of fashion, and we invite you to be a part of it too.

Fashion with a thought

Lendemain Organic has opened as a result of a discussion about how absurd it is, that normal clothes we buy, might have been produced by child slaves, and that we more or less indirectly are causing a lot of harm in the world, that we don’t wish to cause. Therefore Lendemain Organic has been launched to create an oasis, an oasis where a collection of items has been preselected with the purpose of not harming anyone without compromising on style. This is unfortunately not yet customary in the fashion industry, but it is what we strive after, which is also reflected in the name Lendemain Organic. Lendemain is french and means the next day, we want the name to reflect our striving after a green and organic future, where sustainability and respect isn’t about marketing and buzzwords, but instead is the foundation as the mean of both business and production.

We have chosen a fox to be our logo, as we want to symbolize that the fox is our friend, and we do not kill our friends, not even if they have amazing skin. We wish to completely avoid exploitation and that also goes for animals, therefore everything is 100 % vegan that means that we do not under any circumstances buy or sell: fur, leather, wool, down, feathers or silk from animal sources, or any other animal products or bi-products.

A concept can be seen as a resolution of a problem, we offer the concept of Lendemain Organic to be a part of the solution to the problems of exploitation of animals, humans and the environment, which is currently standard in the fashion industry.

The Team



+10 years’ leader experience, owner and founder of CAH invest


Founder and CEO

MSc Business administration and philosophy – Copenhagen Business School

6 years of fashion experience


Lendemain Organic do not support exploitation of animals for their skin, down, wool, silk and so forth for any purposes. We do not believe in welfarisme and will never buy or sell any items with animalistic origin, no matter how the animal have been treated when it was alive. We don’t see the reason for using animalistic products which is harmful for both the animal and the environment, and don’t see the reason why we have to hold animals captured or to kill them in order to make clothes or bags when this can be done in so many other ways. As a result of these opinions all of our items are 100 % cruelty free and suitable for both vegetarians as vegans and we’re a part of the vegan environment in Paris.