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1.800 DKK 1.299 DKK

Golden pineapple bag. Sparkling and outstanding both in design and sustainability!

1.300 DKK

Classy and elegant platform derbies only vegan materials.

1.400 DKK

Upcycled airbag boots in white - a unique and ecological boot.

450 DKK

Greek style vegan sandals in comfortable design for everyday wear.

800 DKK

Comfy vegan wedges in innovative Piñatex and cork.

1.000 DKK

Vegan ankle boots in ecological microfiber for the concious consumer.

800 DKK

Stay cool and conscious with sneakers made from recycled bottles.

800 DKK

The golden slip-on sneakers in innovative and breatheable Piñatex.

800 DKK

Classy vegan heels in innovative and sustainable Piñatex

800 DKK

Comfy and stylish vegan sandals, perfect for any occasion.

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