7 Ways To Be Fashionable Sustainable

Emma watson wearing a sustainable dress made out of recycled plastic bottles

Emma Watson in her dress made out of recycled plastic bottles. If she can be fashionable sustainable, so can we.

Here are 7 ways to live an even more fashionable and sustainable life.

1. Sushi is always a very fashionable thing to eat. Though it is not sustainable because of overfishing, especially the tuna fish population is suffering under being a sushi-target. Luckily we can be fashionable sushi eaters without contributing to over-fishing, by removing the fish from the dish. In Copenhagen you can try out Green Sushi’s vegan menu on Grønnegade. If in Paris Café Ginger next to Bastille is a very good option. Otherwise you can make it yourself and invite friends for a fashionable sustainable dinner:

2. Oftentimes in fashionable situations, alcohol is involved. So if your evening starts with skinny bitches (vodka soda) and champagne, a sustainable thing to do is to remember to drink water! Water is funny enough the less water intensive thing you can drink, and it makes you look much more fashionable as you still can handle to wear heels in the night instead of stumbling around after 2 in the morning.

 3. Beautiful dresses, bags and shoes are fashionable, but the fashion industry is not known to be very sustainable. Luckily its really up in time with shared economies (think airbnb and uber) and while there is some precautions to take (uber) sharing is caring: so borrow out your clothes to friends and families, and look super fashionable and be sustainable when you get to borrow some of their beautiful clothes with no negative environmental impact.

4. Get a beautiful water bottle! Plastic bottles are ugly and they are also unnecessary and create lots of plastic waste. Get your own, look fashionable and be sustainable. The same goes for coffee cups especially if you drink long coffees (DK: normal coffees, FR: americanos!).

5. Do as Emma Watson! She has decided only to wear sustainable dresses on the red carpet. The fashion industry is the second most water intensive industry and Emma Watson are completely complying with our goal of the fashion industry!

Feeling inspired? Check out our selection of recycled items here.

6. Have a beautiful bike! With a beautiful bike you are able to flash your outfit when arriving whilst toning your body and feeling the fresh are and sun (or rain!) on your face which makes you look much more fresh and beautiful than spending half of your day in the underground or a bus. Flash your outfit and arrive sustainable and fashionable!

7. Beautiful skin and and soft lips will always be fashionable. A sustainable way to achieve this is to use neutral coconut butter. No perfume, toxic combinations, animal testing or crazy amount of advertising is spend on coconut butter, it is natural sustainable and makes you look stunning.

Now go out and be fashionable sustainable <3

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