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Valeria Vegan Boots. Low cut vegan boots perfect for fall and winter. Sustainably produced in Italy and will give an extra touch to your look.


Lightweight faux leather sneakers with a deep green texture for a perfect cruelty-free and casual sneak.


Fall and winter vegan boots in dark blue made of a thick microsuede leather from recycled sources. Handcrafted in Italy, they are produced in the respect of the environment, the animals and under good working conditions.


This comfortable sneaker is perfect for a casual look it is made out of lightweight faux suede of recycled materials and crafted in Italy.


Cool and casual unisex sneakers, with a comfortable fit. These very lightweight faux leather shoes are perfect for everyday use.


Cool and comfy unisex ankle shoes manufactured in soft vegan suede. Perfect for fall and really easy to style.


These perfect vegan sporty boots are your best choice for fall and winter. Produced in Italy with high-quality materials, they are a great alternative to animal leather shoes.

Elegant Men's Shoes

Graziana Elegant Vegan Shoe


Elegant men's shoe made out of vegan leather and crafted in Italy. It is perfect as a business shoe, dancing shoe or shoe for special occasions.


Chic vegan heels in soft faux leather, with paddings and plateau for the perfect comfortable fit. These vegan pumps are perfect when you wish a classy yet effortless style.


These Pineapple Shoes with Zip covers the ankle and can be closed with the oversized decorative zipper. Made in pinatex, a revolutionairy new vegan leather which is compostable and 100 % cruelty-free.


These amazing pineapple sneaks are made of the newest within vegan and sustainable materials: pineapple leather. This create a sustainable, strong sneak with a unique expression due to its wrinkly surface. Perfect everyday sneaks which will not go out of style and match every outfit.

Elegant Womens' Shoes

Mademoiselle Elegant Vegan Shoes


Mademoiselle Elegant Vegan Shoes are very beautiful derby shoes made out of lack and sustainable microsuede. They are finished with a cute satin ribbon. These shoes are 100 % vegan and made in Italy in eco and animal-friendly conditions.


White pineapple sneakers - a slowfashion must out of the durable and strong pineapple leather. The white colour and wrinkly surface gives these pineapple sneakers a unique and urban expression whilst being the most environmental friendly choice when it comes to cruelty-free footwear.


Elegant vegan heels handcrafted in Italy with the best Microsuede, they will give you a great style while caring about our planet.


Very cool and elegant red vegan heels handcrafted in Italy. These cruelty-free women shoes will bring any outfit to a higher level.


Chic red sling-back vegan heels, perfect for a night out, a wedding or a party. The heel is 8 cm high.